4.1 Internet & IP

Run a first quick Internet access test to check Internet connectivity.

Internet Connection

You can quickly check the mobile connection on the Device information section on the front page or go to Status > Overview.

  • After successfully setting up an Internet connection on the mobile modem:

    • The Mobile Connection field on the column of Device information will shows Connected.

    • The Network section will show the current mobile network gateway in the table ofIPv4 Upstream.


  • Go to Network > Interfaces, the Mobile interface will show Rx/Tx rates.

    • The Mobile_4interface shows the IPv4 IP address. *For QMI protocol only.


  • Go to Network > Diagnostics

    • Click on the Ping button or use the command ping outdoorrouter.com on the Command-line .

    • it should return 0% packet loss if everything is alright with the Internet connection.

IP Address

Go to Network > Interfaces. On the rows of Mobile or Mobile_4, you can find the IPv4 IP address obtained by the mobile modem.

Public IP Address

The mobile carrier usually provides a LAN IP address for the mobile connection.

To verify the public IP address, you can first check the above IPv4 IP address obtained by the mobile modem. Then search My IP on Google and compare the returned public IP address with the IPv4 mobile IP address.

If they are different, it means your router uses a LAN IP address from the carrier.

If you have the public IP address and require to access the router remotely at the public IP address, please refer to Changing Web Port.

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