3.3 Network Interfaces

The network interfaces on the EZR24 router.

After logging in to the router, go to Network > Interfaces to view and manage the network interfaces.

The brief information of each interface is listed under the second column, including MAC address, Rx (Download), Tx (Upload), Uptime, and IP address.

Do not Stop the LAN interface or Delete any of the interfaces. It will make the router misfunction.

  • The color on each interface is not corresponding to its connection status.

  • Rx/Tx indicates the real-time data stream instead of the internet speed.

Guest (br-guest)

This interface is bound to the Guest WiFi. It uses a separate subnet, Terminals connecting to the Guest WiFi cannot access the hosts or servers under the main subnet of

The Guest WiFi hotspots are turned off on the default settings. You can enable them under "Network > Wireless."

LAN (bar-lan)

This is the interface of the main local intranet network. It is assigned to the physical RJ45 port eth0.1. Refer to the below section to configure the local intranet networks.

pageLocal Networks

Mobile (wwan0)

This is the mobile modem interface. The EZR24-012 router uses the SIM#1 slot.

Uptime: The activated mobile connection period. RX/TX: The real-time data stream on mobile internet. IPv4: The mobile internet IP address. Mostly a private IP.

Click the "Edit" button to change mobile protocol, APN, SIM card, PIN code, etc. Refer to 3.3 Mobile Modem settings.

The 4G router automatically connects to the mobile network when started up. You can manually Stop or Connect the 4G modem by clicking the related buttons. After successfully connecting to the 4G network, Rx/Tx shows the real-time data stream and the IPv4 IP address.

page3.4 Mobile Modem

WAN (eth0.2)

The WAN port is bound to the eth0.2 RJ45 port which is marked "WAN" on the enclosure.

DHCP client protocol is enabled on the WAN interface, and it can automatically obtain the IP address after being connected to the LAN port on another internet router or modem.

WWAN (2G & 5G)

These are the virtual interfaces for the Wi-Fi relay connections on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. You can use the WiFi relay to connect the EZR24 router to another existing WiFi hotspot wirelessly.

page3.5 WiFi Hotspots

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