2.3 Power Supplies

The EZR24 router uses a 12Volt DC power adapter. Please ensure to use the correct voltage and current if using other power sources.

An AC to DC power adapter is included in the package.

Connecting the DC power adapter to the 100~240 Volt AC electrical outlet power, it output 12Volt 2Amps DC power to the 4G router.

‌If you received more than one power plug, you could exchange the plug. Press the "Push" button and twist the power plug clockwise to remove it.

Then install another plug on the power adapter and twist it in the anti-clockwise direction to tighten it.

Alternative DC Power

The DC power socket on the EZR24 router can work with 12Volt and 2Amps DC power. The correct DC jack is Ø5.5 x 10mm, and the inner pin is Ø2.1mm.

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