2.4 Install Antennas

The EZR24 router uses MIMO antennas on both mobile and Wi-Fi connections.

When installing the antennas, set the router and antennas in a straight direction to avoid bending the pins in the connector.

Please check the below chart about which antenna goes to which socket.

Twist the SMA-male connector on the antennas in the clockwise direction to install the antennas on the router. Make sure the connection is tight.

Antenna SocketAntenna Marks

Mobile 1 *Main

Either 4G paddle antenna

Mobile 2

Either 4G paddle antenna

WiFi 4

Either WiFi4 whip antenna

WiFi 5

Either WiFi5 whip antenna

The two flat panels of the 4G paddle antennas have a higher performance. Please adjust the paddle direction to the outside or signal source to receive a better signal.

Upgrade Antenna

When you have a weak signal reception, please consider upgrading the 4G mobile antenna with a higher-gain antenna. The outdoor directional antennas could point toward the cell tower and receive stronger signals.

To connect to the other mobile or WiFi antennas, make sure these antennas have the standard SMA-male connectors. You can use a MIMO antenna or a single-polarized antenna on the router. The single-polarized antenna should connect to the Mobile-Main socket on the left side.

MIMO 4G Panel Antenna 🔗 https://www.outdoorrouter.com/product/outdoor-4g-lte-mimo-panel-antenna/

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