3.1 Login Router

Connect a phone or computer to the EZR24 router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. And login to the router at the default router IP address

Connect to Router

After connecting to the electrical outlet via the DC power adapter, the EZR24 router will boot up and turn on the Wi-Fi hotspots Cell-WiFi-xxxx-V4 and Cell-WiFi-xxxx-V5 in 2~3 minutes.

i. Wi-Fi Connection

The default Wi-Fi hotspot has no encryption. Connect to this Wi-Fi hotspot on a computer or mobile phone.

ii. LAN Connection

You can connect a computer one the LAN ports on the EZR24 router.

iii. IP Settings

The DHCP server is enabled on the EZR24 router.

DHCP is used to dynamically assign the IP address, gateway, domain name server, and other information to the connected devices. Below are the default DHCP settings.

Router Address (Gateway): Subnet Mask: (24) DHCP IP Pool: DHCP Lease Time: 12 Hours

If the terminal is turned on DHCP client mode, it will automatically obtain the local IP address. If the terminal is using the static IP mode, please follow the below guidance to set up the IP address.

Login Router

After connecting your smartphone or computer to the router, open a web browser and type in the URL address bar. Use default password 🔑root or admin to log in to the EZR23 router admin.

If unable to access router admin with, please clear the cache on your browser or use the below complete URL path. 🔗

The default URL prefix is http:// instead of https://.

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